Hi everyone! 

Thank you so much for your patience as we got our RSVP out. We finally found a week to sit down and put our website together. Dylan is the brilliant backend developer who got our page live, and Natalie is the photographer and graphic designer who created the content.

On that note, we will be rolling out several phases as we fine tune the details for the wedding. We'll be sure to ping you as we do! Below is an overview of what we know so far.

Instead of pouring money into a big fancy wedding, we'd rather put the money into our home to kick off the beginning of many beautiful memories we will have here. Time and parking info will come out later.

For those last minute planners... like us ... it was brought to our attention our wedding will be on "Voting day". If you plan to vote, please prepare your absentee ballot ahead of time. 

We plan to have an area for family photos since everyone will be dressed up already and it'll be time for Holiday Cards to be sent out if you're interested! More details to come. 

This will be a dry (non-alcoholic) wedding with creative mocktails available! If you're smuggling in a flask, please be mindful of others around you that may be struggling. 

This is also a kid friendly wedding, as we shamelessly love to embrace our inner child. The reception will be more like a house warming party than a formal wedding dinner. We also plan to play a lot of games! 

For the kids: 
Natalie used to be a nanny so much of the wedding is geared around families with kids. For fun, we are allowing the kids to come dressed up as their favorite Disney/Pixar characters! 

We will also have a room or two available for families to step away if their kids need to decompress from being overstimulated. However, for those extroverts who thrive in a large group, most of the activities will be kid friendly so they can join in on the fun! 

If you have any dire questions, please reach out to us because we'd love to hear from you! 
We can't wait to see you all soon.

- The love birds <3